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What is your favorite song today?

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Today I have been listened a lot to Coldplay’s Up in Flames, which I’d previously not paid much attention to. Resonates with a huge amount of loss I recently went through. It’s a really beautiful song and I read that it was written quickly as an afterthought for Mylo Xyloto, which is remarkable.


Otherwise, I’m quite enjoying Rae Morris’s Lower The Tone.

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It All Feels Right-Washed Outhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJILRWBKnQ4



Posting this specifically because about five years ago I heard Princess of China for the first time and I was so immediately addicted I couldn't sleep and stayed up all night listening to it over and over. That was part of the reason I got into Coldplay, and I haven't felt that way about any song since. But here I am five years later, listening to it over and over and not going to sleep...

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