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[2021-05-22] Coldplay to Perform @ Worthy Farm Live Global Livestream


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That was pure beauty and those fans who were disappointed by Higher Power will love it (I wasn't disappointed myself, still loved that new song whose title I assume could be "Human Heart").

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Just now, Westminster said:

Well, with all these new and more modern vibes i dont expect songs like Violet Hill in the set for a long time. It just doesnt fit sadly. 

It was in the MX era set!

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Visually stunning performance. Really enjoyed the proper live version of Higher Power. This one had very human and real live feel to it, not like these very perfected American Idol and BRITs performances.

Also the intro and Human Heart totally change the expectations for the new album. Got really amazing spacey vibes from these. Seems like there will be some depth also, not just happy dance songs.

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I don't know why I teared up but I did. I was really touched by the whole performance. I just love Coldplay. They definitely put a smile on my face tonight.

Also, the visuals were magical. 

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