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Rate the latest movie you've seen


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Here are a few that I've seen recently:


Dogville - 9/10 - Very uncomfortable to watch, but that was intentional. It's a brutal condemnation of humanity in general, and also makes an interesting commentary about people who consider themselves to be morally "above" everybody else. Also, brilliant cinematography from Lars von Trier, as usual. :D


The Day After Tomorrow - 2/10 - Does almost everything wrong. Every single character is a cliche, the dialogue couldn't be more hackneyed if it tried, almost every part of the plotline is laughably implausible, it's possibly the most predictable movie I've ever seen, and worst of all, it takes itself way too seriously. It gets a generous 2 because some of the cartoon CGI scenes of LA being destroyed were pretty cool.


Fahrenheit 9/11 - 5/10 - Yes, it's only a "documentary" in the loosest sense of the term. Yes, it's propaganda. Yes, it's misleading. Yes, it's a "two hour op-ed." But it also raises a lot of good points and it certainly gives one a lot more to think about than Dodgeball. Unfortunately, it doesn't do much else. I've heard people say that it's good just because it's geting moviegoers interested in politics. But that implies that most people wouldn't be interested in the upcoming presidential election without this movie, which I think is condescending and insulting to the average moviegoer. I think people are smarter and more aware of the world than they're given credit for. So with that in mind, I can't really think of a good reason for Fahrenheit 9/11 to even exist. :confused:

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Last night I saw The Terminal


8/10 - hard to follow, but yet somehow it was good. It was a heartbreak but then somewhat an uplifiting film. But yet cheesy, because this guy lives in the JFK airport for 9 months and falls in love with a plane attendent! :blush: :lol:

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