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The Decemberists


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you know they just made the video for it as well? i havent' seen it but i just saw them live and they just said they just wrapped making the music video for it and by their live performance the video should be freakin good. but i don't ever watch stupid ass mtv or vh1 to catch it so i guess that means a download :idea2:

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It's the Decemberists making great music in May



The Portland-based Decemberists have been picking up momentum — and less and less touring gear — since their first release in 2002.


Chris Funk's band mates talked him out of the hammered dulcimer.


"We try to keep it simpler for touring," he said. " Like, 'How can I simplify a little bit without losing the flavor and the essence of what makes us unique?' "


"Simplify" in the world of folky-indie quintet the Decemberists means the dulcimer is out, but the accordion, bass, banjo, mandolin, violin, keys and at least three types of guitars are all in.


The band plays tonight at the Paramount Theatre on a tour promoting its fourth album, "The Crane Wife."


It's a good thing they can afford to pay a crew. Live, the Decemberists are known for charging full-throttle through songs that break the 10-minute mark. After that, who wants to load all those instruments on the truck?


Since its first release in 2002, the Portland-based group has been steadily gaining momentum and is now in that place between hauling its own gear and headlining at KeyArena. The latest album is its first on a major label (Capitol), though Funk said besides selling more albums faster, not much has changed since leaving Seattle label Kill Rock Stars.


"We played the Paramount when we were touring on Kill Rock Stars, too," he said. "We're not Coldplay or anything like that. I don't think we fit into that equation, even though I do think we have a small mass appeal."


The "small mass appeal" of the band may be that it doesn't fit a formula. Singer Colin Meloy is known for literary lyrics that read more like short, dramatic stories, and the title of the album and concept behind three tracks on it come from a Japanese fable. But despite the SAT-approved vocabulary, the music retains a sharp pop sensibility. Heck, the band warms up at sound check with Steve Miller covers.


"That's definitely a misconception about the band, that we're these heady shoegazers that sit around and wax about Russian formalism or something," Funk said. "I hate playing music where it's just cerebral. I love lyrics and everything, but we all need to feel what we're playing."


Making sure the audience feels it, too, is crucial for the band members. They often engage the crowd with sing-alongs and call-and-response sessions before diving into visceral prog-rock epics that have the band members jumping between instruments as the songs switch flavors.


"The tedium of touring and playing a song 35 times in a row, you're like, 'I gotta bring some new life into this but also keep it a pop song,' " Funk said.


The band started "The Crane Wife" tour in October. This is its second stop in Seattle since then and the penultimate show for this run.


After a break, the band members will revel in even more musical instruments, as they play arrangements of their music with orchestras across the country.


"We're not a simple act," said Funk.



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^ The Mariner's Revenge Song :heart: .. havent heard the whole album yet.. but im sure gonna do that soon!


@Kathy: i think that was Mo (burningmonk) :wink:


so it was! thanks for reminding me.

i haven't heard anything from picaresque yet but i will in a couple of mins. i do enjoy the crane wife though - a lot!


^EDIT: false alarm, i just realised i have her majesty, not picaresque :/

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Ooh a Decemberists thread! :cheesy:


I listen to Picaresque the most, so I guess that one is my favorite but it's hard to say! Their instrumentation is brilliant, but I have never seen a frontman be as verbose and poetic and so able with words and storytelling like Colin. And (geek alert!) I just love catching the bits of sibilance and his consonantal and vocalic alliteration while listening. So clever.. me loves! :smart:

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