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The official Formula One Thread 2006

Guest Grace

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Guest Grace

how fast are you?!

i just posted that thread --- well it's michael for me cause i've been a fan of him since 1999 and he's something like a hero to me

though i really like kimi cause he's a talented and hawt guy :D but i don't want him to win!

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i don't know, but i'll be intrigued as to how Audi will be doing with a diesel................................



Formula-sodding-One, can you not please specify this in the thread title? And also, to anyone who only watches F1 as the only form of motorsport they watch, please have a look around at the many other, more exciting, less commercialised variants, in particular have a look at, and a listen to, the various sportscar and GT championshps around at the moment.



Oh, and I expect Raikkonen, but wouldn't be too surprised if it isn't

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and just like i expected..Kimis car didn't work

I can't even imagine what swear words he might have been saying underneath that helmet after his car died. Poor guy! You really have to feel for him; he's definitely got the worst luck in F1 right now.


As for free practice, Honda and Renault hardly went out and so it seems they're fairly confident. Ferrari looked fast, but then again Honda/Renault didn't go out so its hard to get a fair assesment.


Did anyone get a chance to see Massa totally destory the softs he was using? One lock up and you could see the tethers! They must have been using super softs!


Can't wait for the new qualifying format... which is in 5 hours... which means I should head to bed (Its 1.30 here)!

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