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Violet Hill FULL VIDEO!


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works fine for me.

Will's suspenders. :D

Headbanging :P

Christopher really shouldn't be magnifying that mouth of his. :dozey:

lol you know chris and videoclips don't use to be co-ordinated :P remember Fix You lol


thanks stefan, too bad that it gets stuck several times in the middle, but well is what i had expected good landscapes, to at least is not as disappointing as i though it was going to be (for the short 30sec leak that was on YT few hours ago).


:D i'm liking it, lol chris on the snow at the end lol. :P

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thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

when they are not angry.... they look funny!! lol! The video is so random and funny, but it may be related to the song somehow, but I love the part of Johny's solo, it's so amusing!

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