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Coldplay Covers Pussycat Dolls @ MTV Awards Rehearsal (first live performance pic!)


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Despite the fact that they’re one of the biggest rock acts on the planet — so much so that they made selling 10 million copies of their last album seem unassuming — Coldplay keep a surprisingly low profile.


Case in point: their near-invisible entrance into the Gibson theater, which took place while PCD were still gyrating their way through rehearsals.


One minute, I was watching the Dolls, the next — wow, there’s Chris Martin, and he’s standing right next to me. And he seems to be in good spirits, because as PCD worked their routine, Martin turned to a producer and laughed “Now I see why you booked us — for eye candy!”


Fast-forward about an hour — rehearsals take a long time, after all — and Coldpay are standing onstage, dressed like French Revolutionaries, keyboards and timpani drums scattered around them. Various members of the production crew are prattling about, and since there’s nothing better to do, Martin walks over to one of ‘boards, and begins plinking out the opening notes of PCD’s hit “Don’t Cha,” singing the opening lines in a loving tribute …

“Don’t Cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me,” he warbled, as stagehands and producers in headsets giggled and applauded.


Rehearsals are awesome.


The MTV Movie Awards will air live on MTV on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET, with MTV News’ “Coming Attractions” preshow kicking the evening off at 7:30 p.m. ET! Meanwhile, stay tuned to the MTV Movies Blog and MovieAwards.MTV.com.



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shoot!, i thought you meant they were doing a cover of the pcd too. omg that would have been terrible. that could only be done in jest, which of course would be to mean for the band to do.


the pics are pretty sweet, im hoping they dont play violet hill or viva la vida, only because i want to hear another new song. but i doubt it will happen. i'll be happy either way though.


but there is definitely some bad involved in this surprise performance...we may have to sit through the mtv movie awards to see when they'll perform :\


itll be one of these things...


(Great Deep Announcer Voice/Soft pretty "Announcess" voice five minutes into the show)


"And after the break, Coldplay performing a song from their new album Viva la Vida!"


Next commerical break


"Coming up! Coldplay gives fans a glimpse of their new album Viva la Vida!"


After another eight commercial breaks




"Oh fuck it." (flick off tv, go upstairs)


(My sister, ten minutes later)


"Oh did you know Coldplay were just singing their new song."


(Me, John Stewart screaming to heavens style)



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Meanwhile, the evening's other act, Coldplay, entered the Gibson (cutting quite the unassuming figure for a band that have sold more than 30 million albums worldwide, we might add) and caught the last few minutes of the Dolls' rehearsal. Amazed — and half-joking, we assume — frontman Chris Martin turned to a sea of producers and laughed, "Now I see: You booked us for eye candy."


Fast-forward roughly an hour (rehearsals go very slowly), and Coldplay are standing in the middle of the Gibson stage, a constant wash of stagehands flowing around them, moving amps, setting lights and testing a massive video screen. Perhaps a bit bored (or maybe because he was so impressed by what he saw earlier), Martin wandered over to a keyboard and began plinking out the opening notes to PCD's hit "Don't Cha," then proceeded to warble out the song's hook — "Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me" — to the amazement of pretty much everyone.


A bit later (again, things move slowly), everything was set, and Coldplay launched into "Viva La Vida" — the title track from their new album, which hits stores June 17. Above a massive din of strings, bells and timpani drums, Martin sang about dead kings and failed dreams, skipping about while a Steadicam spun around him. The sheer size of the tune — it's joyously massive, really — was only amplified by the near-empty amphitheater, and as the final notes bounced around the seats and up into the rafters, Martin and the rest of his band stood once again in the middle of the stage, looking a bit shocked. Sunday's show will be the first time they'll play "Viva" live, and you get the feeling that even they were amazed by just how big it sounded.


But then, just as soon as the moment was over, the stage was filled once again with producers and lighting techs, and the whole circus started up again. Sure, that was great, but let's do it again. And again. After all, it's gotta be perfect.



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