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The Ben Jones Appreciation Thread


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I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank Ben for his company the last few weeks. He's one of the few media peeps who has sought us out, and asked for our opinions and help. He's put up with us stalking him here and in email, and has plugged Coldplaying.com on more than one occasion.

The Jukebox last night was loads of fun, and I'm sure the interview tonight will be equally so.


Hope to see you around, and that you don't head back to lurkerdom now the Virgin bits are over.




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thanks ben! you're definitely my favorite radio DJ in the world, and i hope we didn't scare you too too badly :P. we DO have lives, we promise :D. we just happen to love coldplay very very much.


thanks to you, one of my top coldplay questions has been answered, and seriously and thoroughly at that. we hope you stick around!

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