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22-Jul-09: Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, Houston, TX - Tickets, Previews, Meetups, Reviews, Setli


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expect to pay 4-6 times that if you have to use a ticket agency[/size][/b]. If you can line up early, lawn is your best bet, will cost you less than $50 a ticket even with service charges.


I am trying NOT to use a ticket agency,which brings me back to my original posting- where can I buy tickets from the Coldplay site?

You know as well as I that the big ticket agencies buy out a concert within 5 minutes of the tickets going up for sale. They turn around the tickets to you and me for 50-100% profit minimum. In most states this is illegal.

I would just like to knwo where I can get logged onto that would allow me to buy 12 tickets when they go on sale, and eliminate the middle man.

The earlir posting by "Anchorman" id say that "TICKETS WILL BE AVAILABLE HERE".I took that as tickets could be bought directly from Coldplay, or an authorized agency without the 50-100% increase, and (family,small,friend. groups coupld get a chance to buy.:rolleyes:

Short story here- its NOT the money so much as I am in making plans to fly to Dallas the night b4 the 22nd with one daughter to catch that concert, then fly to Houston the next day to catch the 22 july concert. :D

I just want to ensure we no1.-have tickets for all 12 of us

2. we are not held up by a crook that wants the 4-6 times face value you mentioned.

Thats all anyone following Coldplay as we do deserves, and judging from your posting, like you too.

The average Coldplay concert goer desrevs a right to find tickets at a reasonable price, just b/c one can not buy 100 tickets and sell the 97 they dont need doesnt mean they should pay 4-6 times the face value.

What are the avenues to "TICKETS WILL BE AVAILABLE HERE" as posted by Anchorman, other than what you replied earlier?

Hope I have not pissed you off, I am only trying to find a few facts and indeed help everyone score on tickets without the scaplping.

Thanks for helping,

Mike J.:P

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In Anchorman's original post the "here" portion links you to Live Nation. The band doesn't not offer tickets to fans themselves. They did sell tickets to fans on the X&Y tour, but for this tour you have to buy through either Live Nation or Ticketmaster for all face value tickets. And then ofcourse, both "auction" off their better seats. The Woodlands is tough because a large section of the better reserved area is pre-sold as corporate "boxes" and VIP sales. Last time they play these venues, I bought a Dallas pit ticket on Ebay for about twice the value and 8th row reserved thru Coldplay for Houston. I don't expect to ever see those prices again. If you don't want scalpers, be willing to settle for lawn is my best advise to you, because it's gonna sell out quick. For Radiohead I couldn't even get anything in the first level reserved as soon as the sale started. I expect the same here.

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As for the presale, do we sign into live nation, input our presale password, then buy them? or do we do everything from the ticketrush website? Thanks in advance.


lol thats what im trying to figure out, seeing we have no time to waste when purchasing. :D

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Okay people so I e-mailed someone from Livenation about the presale thing and this is what she said:


Dear Brenda,


Thank you for contacting Live Nation Customer Care with your inquiry!


You can just visit http://www.livenation.com and find the event you are looking for. There will be a Ticket Rush presale password box to enter the presale password.


Please respond to this e-mail if we can be of further assistance regarding this or any other inquiry.




Live Nation Customer Care







Hope this helps:)

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I bought Dallas tickets yesterday, they're 202 TT which isn't bad by any means, but I was still hoping for lower level seats.


This is ridiculous. Back in November, for the Toyota Center, I didn't have to do anything special, no pre-sale, no passwords, just at 10 AM on the 28th of June I clicked "Buy Tickets" and I got great seats. Like, if I was at a Rockets game, I would have been half court, 4 rows up. So for the concert, it was awesome. And again, I just paid my 250, and I done.


I'm gonna be pretty upset if I can't get lower level seats for the Houston show. :(

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Reserved seating $105.50 & 87.50

All general admission lawn seating $43.00


Preferred parking for this event is available at all Ticketmaster locations for $15 plus service charge.


with Amadou & Mariam and Kitty Daisy & Lewis


Gates open at 6:00 pm


what bothers me isnt the ticket price but the damn convenience and extra fees they add on the ticket price.

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So okay guys. What all do we need to get tickets for this coming Saturday? I feel like I need a "Gameplan."


I have the presale password from Ticketrush. At least I think I do. Why would they make us go to a separate site to get that? What else do we need? I'd really like to get some good tickets.

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