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Do you play an instrument?

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I played the piano for about 7 years but then stopped for some reason a few years ago. I play acoustic guitar now, though.


Edit: Oooh and I can kind of play the harmonica. :P


I kind of play the harmonica too when I was little. its crazy how I know how but now not really. :D

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have played the cello for 10 years, took piano classes for a year so i know the basics but not much more than that.


OMG, I love celli. The cello is my favorite string instrument. I wish I knew how to play it. :)

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ive been playing the piano since I was 5 and stopped when I was 18 so that would be like 13 years. And in high school I was a percussionist in the band.

Woah, Joe! :surprised: I didn't know you were so musical. :cool: 13 years! That's a lot! :clap:


I play keyboard. I'm on my 5th year. Unfortunately, I neglect my practice. :disappointed:

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I have really become addicted to playing and writing my own music. I have spent the last 3 years playing almost every day for 8 hrs on weekdays and about 15 hrs on weekends. My main instrument is the guitar but I also play the piano, violin, harmonica, ukulele, sitar, and bass.

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I haven't played them for a while, but as a kid I played the bagpipes and the piano.


BAGPIPES! :stunned:


I've been playing the saxophone for almost 13 years now...I also taught myself a bit guitar and piano/keyboard....the next instrument I want to have is a clarinet..


I've been wanting to learn how to play the saxophone... unfortunately I couldn't get a hold of the instrument... Does it make your cheeks bigger? I've learned from somewhere that wind instruments make your cheeks bigger.

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I play the Piano and guitar!...i've been playing the guitar a year now and the piano like 7 months or something but i play pretty descent and I train everyday!!:D

I've learned how to play teh guitar on my own but im going on piano lessons!

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My main instrument is bass.

But also can play piano, acoustic&electric guitar, drums, a bit trumpet, some percussion.


I released two albums/e.p's.

This year will be my best I think.

Because I'm writing and planning for my third album that will be huge and alot of stuff around it!


I also own a little home studio!



Basses: Squier Jazzbass, Fretless Jazzbass, acoustic bass.

Guitars: Epiphone LP, Motion strat.

Acoustic guitars: Fuego classic, Granada acoustic, cheap classic.

Piano: Yamaha Clavinova

Keyboards: Yamaha, and some other good keyboards.

And some extra's: ukelele, percussion etc.


Amps: Marshall 4X10 200w Bass combo, Hartke basscombo, unknown guitar combo.


Recording: Behringer mixer, MIDI from piano to Fruity Loops.

In Fruity Loops I have some professional plugins for orchesta, guitars, pianos.

Mainly I use Miroslav Philharmonik for brass and strings, TruePiano for special pianos, Amilitube for guitar effects, AmpegSVX for bass and Ezdrummer with all extra packs for drums.

But most are recorded via microphone.


So that was most I think haha!


More @ StephanHondeveld.com

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