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What scars do you have?

In a telescope lens

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I have had this mark on my hand from my old cat.

She scralled me a year ago and it hasn't gone yet.

But surely it isnt a scar if it wasn't even bleeding when it happened.

It's inbetween the V between my thumb and index finger

and stretches down towards my wrist about 1 1/2 inches :P




But now that's she gone, i dont want it to go :laugh4:

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I have one on my hand thats really visible but not as bad as your marisa that i got from my horses shoe

i have a huge circle thing on my side right about my hip where my friend body checked me (by mistake) into some gravel

i have one on the back of my hand from falling out of a golf cart

and another from sledding down a skate board ramp backwards and scraping m chin along the whole thing as i fell forward :S

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I have one on my leg from when I went rollerblading and passed by a house with a Beagle tied to a tree and the chain was just long enough for him to run up to bite my leg and knock me down. The bite scar turned into what looks like a music note which I thought was kind of cool, it's like a free tattoo.

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One birthmark (does that count as a scar??), and a small scar on the back of my right hand - the result of a burning marshmallow landing on it a long time ago..:laugh3: (nothing quite as dramatic as a rollerblading accident, or some other unique marks from exciting athletic activities..)

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I have scars on my elbow and ankle because of my locker at school :P


bad locker!:whip:

Seeing this thread is making my scar itch. :bomb: I hate psychology.




whenever i hear the word scar or something like it, my hand instinctively goes to my worse scar. i guess to rub it or massage it or protect it or something? :thinking:

Stretchmarks on my outer thighs from being severely sunburned last January.

I also have chicken pox scars on my belly if that counts

i have stretchmarks on my thighs too! but i don't know what they're from :confused:

One on my shin from a jellyfish sting and another on my knee from playing softball.

Both on my right leg.

this gave me an idea! my stretchmarks are where i got stung by the jellyfish when i accidently jumped into them, maybe that's what they're from?! :thinking: :idea2:

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One big one on my knee from falling off my bike and then getting lost for 4 hours so it was too late to get stitches and it was infected for two months and a HUGE gash and such. :freak:


One under my knee from the same time.


One on my forehead from falling off a nightstand because I was trying to be a cat and go in the window.


One by my mouth because I hit it on a jewellery box when I was little.


One on my finger from metals class.


One on my wrist from volleyball practice where we were doing dive lines and my wrist scraped along the floor and got infected and yeah.



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From removing birth marks:

one on my left eye lid

four on my back

three on my chest


From surgery:

one on my left hand


From falling:

one on my left hand

two on my right elbow

one under my right knee


From being clumsy with a knife:

one on my left thumb


From cigarettes:

two on my left hand just below my fingers


That's all I kind off right now

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