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The Grammys are a joke!


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Almost every artist nowadays uses auto tune for studio stuff...


I'm talking about live performances (which is what really matter), not studio recordings.

That's why live performances really find out the "fakers", and which is why the "fakers" (e.g. Bratney, Madonna) often lip-sync to try to hide their lack of vocal talent .;)

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oh, by the way Mark, just stop, you have to understand that people like those certain musicians, and you can't help that they have different tastes than you..


oh yeah, we all know you love Lady Gaga so stop denying it, I don't have a problem with it....

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Haha, how are 'mylo xyloto' and 'Hurry up, we're dreaming' eligible for grammy's? Apparently even the grammy's don't take themselves seriously anymore if they have such a short memory...

The nomination deadline is the end of September each year. MX, HUWD, El Camino, etc. are therefore eligible in spite of being released in 2011 since they were ineligible in 2012.


That said, you're right about the Grammys not taking themselves seriously if they nominated that crap known as Mylo Xyloto. :P

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