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Formula 1 Driver "Jenson Button" Confused for Chris Martin


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SUZUKA (JAPAN): Formula One world champion Jenson Button knows plenty of good tracks but he was taken aback when a confused fan recently mixed him up with a global rock star.


"I had an American come up to me at the Heathrow airport, a few months back saying that she and her family are big fans of mine," the Briton said in a light-hearted moment at the rain-hit Japanese Grand Prix.


"After I thanked her saying I did not know that Formula One was so big in America, she said they've got all my records and all my albums." Button added. On being asked about his reply to it he said " I said, Fantastic. you think I'm Chris Martin, don't you? and she exclaimed 'Are you not?' And I said ' No, I am Jenson Button. I race in Formula One cars'."


Chris Martin, husband of Hollywood movie star Gwyneth Paltrow, is the singer-songwriter frontman for big-selling British band 'Coldplay' and also comes from south-west England like the 30-year-old McLaren driver.


A perceived resemblance between the two men has been highlighted on several lookalike websites.


Button is no stranger to admirers getting his name wrong, however, with his close entourage sometimes teasingly referring to him as Jason Burton after similarly confused encounters.



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Well if you were a "Big" Fan of Chris, I would expect you would know him without hesitation, I would, but then I love Coldplay and have all of their albums, posters, books, empty water bottles, discarded gum, chocolate wrappers..................:P

The above pic looks nothing like him to me:dozey:

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From a lookalike blog: 400.jpg400.jpg


No fan of either of them would get them mixed up, but the features that someone who wasn't familiar with their faces would remember are the same. Same face shape, similar eyes, same hair colour, identical stubble...


:shrug: I had crushes on both of them in my late teens/early 20s. They're definitely the same 'type'.

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