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The "Relate Everything Back To Coldplay Game"

ViVA Child

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Lord Of The Rings was filmed in New Zealand which is adjacent to Australia where it's people come from a British ancestry. Simon Pegg is from Britain who is friends with Gwyneth Paltrow who is friends with Michael Stipe who is friends with Chris Martin who has a daughter named Apple who's Godfather is Jonny Buckland who is in the same band as Guy Berryman who is in the same band as Will Champion which is Coldplay.



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This game sounds fun I think it's time we bring it back to life!

I think I remember bringing it back to life once before, over a year ago... then it looks like it died again. :(


"And I could write it down" (Swallowed In The Sea) When you write something down, it's likely to be on a piece of paper.



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