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The plus sign in "Hypnofeed upload +"(which is under the Studiofeed) turns into an acrobat when you mouse over it too


he's also under the hypnofeed thing. scroll over "hypnofeed upload" and he comes from the plus sign.



Edit: well nevermind then...


:surprised: Ah, I see. Thanks!


I can't over the cuteness of these animations. :wacky: I also like the one for Archive with the butterfly and the spring.

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Ok... apart from the new colours, I think the new album is related with UFOs and aliens... the GIF images suggest something relevant at all, something that reminds Zooropa (and an owl is in the zoo :) ).


MX could refers to: a magic xylophone (do you remember the video reporting Chris and Guy playing a xylophone???); could refers to a Roman number, but even to the binary numeral system, and 1010 (MX in Roman numbers) could means A or 10 (A as Alien) and 10 like the month of release, the number of tracks and so on...


There's also a man who jumps... So, for MX, M is for Man and X for... i don't know...

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It's so nice to be excited about Coldplay again :wacky:. They've been so quiet and I've been so distracted by other musical events lately that they've been somewhat off my radar, but this is hopefully the start of more news trickling out.


Interesting side note: March 17, 2008 is when we found the new/secret website caps for the VLVOD era by Slenderfungus :dance:. Memoriiiiiesss...and an interesting coincidence that that was exactly 3 years ago today! The ball rolled really, really fast after that for the rest of that week. Maybe we're in for more stuff soon?


I kind of think that we're overanalysing all the minor changes on the website a bit, not to sound like a Debbie Downer. But I think the MX might be significant! :D

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Still adding fuel to the fire of speculation... What if the album is done and over with?? What if the so called "Whale noises" is how the album starts (no Jon Hopkins this time) ?? What if they have sampled (and by sampled I mean 2-3 sec) of few tracks in the album (Chris does say "From the top" and someone else is like "I don't mind playing it again"!!)???


I should really stop playing that 28 sec Clip OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Ha Ha Ha.

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On 17th March 2008, new images of Coldplay's new website surfaced via their official web designers, SlenderFungus.com. In them, are confirmation that the album title has already been announced and seems to point in the direction of the title being Famous Old Painters.


The screenshots also give a clue to three new concert dates for the UK as 25th June at London's Wembley Arena, 26th June in Birmingham and 29th June at the Apollo in Manchester. However these dates appear unsubstantiated as they clash with other artists performing at the venues. There is also links for a forthcoming signed Lithograph competition.



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