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:stunned: I don't visit any Coldplay-related website for a day and what happens?

The whole world changes!


I'm soooo excited, I love the new look! And the video! The piano part at 16 sec more or less! And all these mysteries! :mad:

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Someone told me, that's all I have to say about it. I will not mention it again, I don't want to annoy people (sorry if I already did)


Nope, I never get annoyed Tash, not with you anyway!!! :)

How exciting though?! ... the joy of knowledge eh? :P

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party pooper! :angry:




I know :disappointed: :P


My (party-pooping) two cents: I think MX, if anything, probably refers to a title more than a date. MX as a Roman numeral is like...way more complicated than I think they'd all bother with, and I doubt they just all sit around thinking of ways to subtly pass us information :lol:.


That said: How many freaking words begin with X? :thinking:

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Half a page of words starting with X in my Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. That dictionary contains the most used English words.



half a page? :disappointed:...any interesting one? *too lazy to go find a dictionary* :laugh3:

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