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The Positive ETIAW Thread

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'I'd rather be a comma than a fullstop'


THE mOst fucking awesome line yet !


It's an awesome

Song . Makes me feel like nothing else matters and allthe shit things in your mind bugger off when ETIAW is about!


Well I WAS going to post something here, but you've said it all already... Couldn't agree more ;)

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Guest howyousawtheworld

This is one song that has strangely grown on me. Track back to June 2011 and I was pretty scathing of it. In fact I thought it was a bit embarrassing. But now I realise it's actually a fucking great pop song, and pop is really shit these days! And yes I am more than happy to call Coldplay pop at the moment because they are one of a few (if that) pop acts worth listening to. Well played Coldplay

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