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Which is your favourite new Coldplay song?

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It's between Charlie Brown and Major Minus but I can't tell right now. :shrug:

After comes : 3. ETIAW (yup) / 4. HLH / 5. UATW

I'm still waiting for a good quality version of Princess of China, probably at Glasto, so I can't tell for this one.

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Guest howyousawtheworld
I'm just wondering what happened to "Wedding Bells".

I hope they include it on the album.


No! I'm sorry but I really dislike that song!

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Definitely Major Minus. Instrumentally, lyrically, everything. It's just a perfect Coldplay song. I'm waiting for the announcement that says ETIAW is actually a late April fools joke.


Wedding Bells is not going to happen, some of the lyrics were used for Christmas Lights.

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"Us Against the World". Not even close.


That said, I really like "Charlie Brown", and "Major Minus" is growing on me really quickly even though I called it an inferior CoL upon first listen. Still not convinced on those other two.

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