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Which is your favourite new Coldplay song?

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People shouldn't vote in this poll if they haven't heard Princess Of China :cool:

Forget those youtube videos. It was astonishing to hear it in Nuremberg (I'm wondering if we will hear a studio version once upon a time, I hope so)!!!!!


Princess of china sounds so amazing, even with the bad quality videos. I want to hear the studio version!


I haven't voted cuz I love all of them so much. But I think I will now vote for major minus, even though I also really love cartoon heart! But ill vote major minus cuz of the rockish sound to it. I love it :D

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FUCKKKKKKKKKK! God Major Minus is so great! *SIGH* :heart: I cant stop pressing play! I try to listen to the other ones but I am having such a hard time moving past it! I love ETIAW now and I love Charlie Brown



ETA: Wow! Just heard Princess Of China!!! Sounds innovative coming from them!! OMG! I loveee! I need a mp3 with good quality stat!

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I have to go for ETIAW. It grew on me after a couple of listens, and hey, it's not that bad. I know I'll probably be ridiculed for this, but I really think it's a good song. It has a melody, rhythm (even though not originally by Coldplay, but Talk is the same way), variation (ok, slightly), everything.


I was away during the weekend when Coldplay played all these new songs, so when I came back, everyone was all over Hurts Like Heaven/MX, but I've listened to it more than a few times now, and it's just boring. It's bland, repetitive, tiring even. No melody, harmony, chords or something. It's just a guitar and a voice doing the same thing over and over (imo too) fast drumming. People will probably attack me on this as well, but I don't know what the fuss is about. The only good thing about it is the piano ending, which feels a bit rushed.


Major Minus is good, quite Parachutes-y imo, with the acoustic guitar. It's also a bit tense, but I think that's what the song is about, so I like it. Overall, I like it!


UATW started out ok for me, got a bit bored with it, then Will started singing as well, then I loved it. End of story =D


Charlie Brown is amazing, I'm just waiting for a final studio version of it, but so far it's great!


Princess of China: dunno. There isn't really a quality version of it, but so far it's ok, I think

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