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Whats Your Favorite Movie?

Sarina Britt

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just thought i'd do this cause its kind of fun to see what everyone likes!!

i personally like way to many to count;)

but a few favs are Pirates of the Caribbean, who doesn't LOVE jack sparrow!!!

and Thor and i also like Troy i guess i like action,adventure & romance a little bit of everything:)

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I absolutely adore You've Got Mail with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan...it's the cutest movie ever!


Fun fact: That movie is actually a remake. The original movie was called "The Shop Around the Corner," and it had Jimmy Stewart (one of my favorite actors) in it. :wacky:


shawshank redemption


OOOH, good choice.


As for me...I don't know. There are too many to choose from.

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wow no one actually mentions Twilight? FML but i love part 1. the rest are crap, but i am still gonna sneak into the cinema and watch the upcoming Breaking Dawn 1 anyway :p


the king's speech



indiana jones series (before the transformer guy joined)

the reader - kate winslet is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good in it

titanic wtf


i am a big movie buff and there are many more but these are what i can think of off the top of my head now

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