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Re-introduce yourself

Prince Myshkin

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Hello everybody!

I`ll take this chance to introduce myself for the first time. My name is Roxy and I`m from Romania. I am a member since 2009, a fan since 2004. Even though I miss the AROBTH era, I decided to just go with their new direction. And I kinda like it. I typically don`t post, I just read.

Have a nice day!

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Hi Greg! Have you been to Denmark yet (we had a pm conversation about that a long time ago. :))


Hi everyone else! I'm Julie. :nice:

Good to have a thread for when I forget people's names. :P


Extra info about me: I'm 19 years old, born and raised on a little island in Denmark. I'm at my first semester studying English at the University of Aarhus which is time consuming. "Speed of Sound" made me experience euphoria - I was hooked from then, got X&Y in 2006 but became a hardcore Coldplay fan during 2007-2008. I'm interested in a lot of other things. DFTBA.

Don't shy away from leaving me a message on my profile or following me on Twitter. :nice:


I don't think I actually introduced myself in the first place.


I'm Brent. I'm a college student majoring in chemistry and biology: Though secretly I want to be an author. I like to eat. I'm almost fluent in French.


Wow, I just realized I'm really boring :(

That's not boring at all! Quite fascinating actually - you sound like a mix of Hank and John Green.

I'm Richard,Hey.

Hey, welcome back!

I'm Katy.


I mostly lurk, but sometimes I come out and post. I'm older than most on this board, so I try to keep a low profile. :)

Hey, don't hold yourself back! I'm sure you have something to contribute with no matter what your age is. :)

Helloo... Rebecca here. I'm new, be nice :)
Welcome to Coldplaying. :nice:
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Valentina, pleased to meet you all again :)


I currently live in Denmark, I just got my driving license (better late than never). I am very curious about tons of things and am always up for a good chat. Coldplay makes my soul sing and that´s why I am here in this forum :)

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