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Hype Williams (Viva la Vida) directing Paradise video // feat. Cintia Dicker (full details in first


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Just did a quick search on Twitter, and discovered the following. Probably needs someone with a bit of AV experience to decipher their post though.


via: http://twitter.com/#!/donaldberube/status/113149533881511937




to: http://reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?63284-RED-EPIC-X-00031-flies-to-London-for-Coldplay-Music-Video-Shoot-with-Hype-Williams&p=819822#post819822


RED EPIC-X #00031 flies to London for Coldplay Music Video Shoot with Hype Williams


I get an email from Brent on Monday saying my X is available.


I immediately respond with payment information ( of course, why wait).


Since I am in Miami shooting a feature, I talk with Michael Keegan about where the camera should be delivered. At the same time i am talking with Hype about a video he will be directing in london next week. I hook him up with our good friend Jonathan Smiles to do the tech/DIT work in London, but since my camera is on the feature i still need to get him a camera. Since the epic x may be available, i set it up so the camera comes to miami and i arrange with hype's assistant to get her the camera over the weekend, provided i get it from RED in time.


The boys at RED kill it and ship out the camera on Wednesday. FED EX has some issues and i dont get in on thursday, or friday and now i am in full panic mode. 100 phone calls and 200 emails later rock stars brent carter and michael keegan ( who is dealing with this while on vacation, and stays up all night literally helping me) completely take care of me and arrange for me to pick up the camera at a north miami fed ex office on saturday morning, so i can make my flight an hour later to take it to hype's assistant.


the fed ex office opens at 9, we wrap in miami sat morning at 8am, i have 1 hour to drive to the fed ex office and then one more hour to make it to the airport and get on my plane to boston.


i get to the fedex office at 9:05am, they have the package but it just arrived and they have to sort the other packages first...i wait 15 minutes for the package, it seemed like 15 hours..i get the package from the lady, i run out to the parking lot, i rip open the box, i dig through the packing materials ( sometimes excessive i think, but also good cause it is safe) and then i see the lovely #00031 serial number for the first time. it is 9:45, my flight leaves at 11, boarding at 10:30, i am 30 minutes away, plus i have to park and go through security.


i may have driven more than 60 mph to the airport, but i will not confirm that, other than to say that i made the plane despite having to have a 5 minute conversation with the boys at TSA about EPIC, they wanted to know pixel counts and file size and media size.....


i fly to boston, rent a car, drive 250 miles to north western vermont on some of the prettiest roads in america ( 3 more weeks and the foliage would have been in full bloom) arrive at the shelburne museum in Shelburne vt and meet up with hype's assistant, hand off the camera and then drive back to boston via a few stops to see friends and family that live in the area.


the camera will travel to london with his assistant and then shoot the video on monday and tuesday. you will hear a lot about the video because adobe has provided hype with a premiere system that he will cut the video on using the raw files. they will put some money into the promotion of hype using premiere exculsively...but it will also be the first shots out of epic-x #00031....


i did not even have time to turn the camera on before it left...


funny how things are, red one #0031 i never ever let out of my sight for years, i hated handing it over to the AC's and kept my hands on it and my eyes on it as much as i could without pissing the AC's off. epic -m #00087 i was kind of the same way until it got onto the feature 7 weeks ago, now i never lay my hands on it and i am at peace with that...epic - x #00031...i just let it go into the world on the very first day...and i am fine with that...


thank you again jarred, brent and mostly michael for making this happen...i cant wait to see the pictures it takes, jonathan and ryan, keep my 3rd baby safe...




below are pictures of the camera in front of the round red barn at the shelburne museum, it is a fascinating place, you should google it and check it out sometime if you are ever in that area. ( not the camera, the museum...)



Coldplay Team With Hype Williams For 'Paradise' Video


'We're just following the things we love,' singer Chris Martin tells MTV News about working with Williams again.


Coldplay already told MTV News that they decided to roll the dice and go with the inscrutable title of Mylo Xyloto for their upcoming fifth album.


But when the time came to make a video for their second release from the disc (due October 25), the beat-infected "Paradise," they went all in and reteamed with a director best known for lensing clips for some of the biggest names in hip-hop and R&B (Kanye West, Mary J. Blige, Rick Ross). "We just started to do a video on Monday on 'Paradise,' " singer Chris Martin told MTV News at the Austin City Limits festival. "And the bits that we're not in are being done almost as we speak."


The new clip — whose concept Martin kept under wraps — is being directed by Hype Williams, who first worked with the band three years ago on the title track to their last album, Viva La Vida. That clip had the feel of a Renaissance painting, complete with cracked paint effects, and Martin said they decided to work with Williams again because, well, why not?


"We're just following the things we love," he said. "The video we did before, for 'Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall,' we did with our friend Mat [Whitecross], who is the most indie of indie filmmakers. It's just nice when you can try both approaches."


Between working with Williams, opting for a cryptic title and roping in a surprise cameo from Rihanna on the song "Princess of China," Martin explained that Coldplay are just rolling the dice because they've kind of earned the right. "We felt like so many people have already made up their minds about us ... both good and bad," Martin said. "That we can sort of start again from scratch and try and reflect all the music we listen to and love."



Brazilian model Cintia Dicker is the star of the new Coldplay video.[/size]

(in portuguese): http://ego.globo.com/Gente/Noticias/0,,MUL1673082-9798,00-MODELO+BRASILEIRA+CINTIA+DICKER+E+A+ESTRELA+DO+NOVO+CLIPE+DO+COLDPLAY.html




they basically say that she recorded her part of the video on september 15th, and this other site says that she is the only "character" of the video and that she recorded some pretty basic thats-what-my-life-looks-like scenes, like waking up, having breakfast, wandering arround, etc...

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I don't like the viva video at all,

Corbijn's version is way better.


This really.

I guess Williams had his days, last video I saw from him was All Of the Lights from Kanye and it just wasn't completely convincing. Even Kanye's own movie (which featured all the songs of his album) was better than that video.

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Video for Paradise?


Hello people!

First of all I want to say that I love Paradise! I think it's a really nice song!

I like ETIAW as well, so I think this album will definitely be different, but that doesn't mean it will be rubbish, cause it won't!

Ok, I was wondering, does anyone know anything about Paradise official video?

Is the second single, so it'll obviously have a video, but as far as I know, there's no official info about it..

I think it will probably come out at the end of September, beginning of October.

What do you guys think?





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What about the video shoot they were supposed to do with Mat Whitecross, while touring Japan/Australia/US?


Oh yeh, I had forgotten abou that! Maybe the Hype video is for 3rd single! I remember they filmed Lover in Japan months before it's release. So this could be the case with the next single.

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What a surprise...people not liking Coldplay´s choice of video director ;)


Exactly what I was thinking. The majority of the people on here are angry loud mouths who hate every thing Coldplay does anymore. If that's how you all feel, leave the Coldplay forum. Follow a different band if you so choose.


I loved the VLV video. Thought it fit perfectly. The other version with the King was dumb in my opinion. I can't wait to see a video for Paradise if that's the song they're using.

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The ETIAW Video got released two weeks after it was shot.

(in accordance to their tweets June 15th and June 29th)


Sooner it comes out, the better. Don't know how it works abroad, but video airplay is crucial to UK chart position, and I'd love Coldplay to get another number one.

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