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A Couple Months Later...


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They have other songs for lyrical depth, this isnt one of them and i dont care, its an awesome song love everything about it, live and studio versions.

Major Minus will never be with there elite songs (yellow, clocks, scientists, in my place, speed of sound, fix you, viva la vida, lost!) but this song is just...so...electric, high energy, love the guitar.

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I listened to the studio version for the first time after kind of hating it, and I've discovered...it sounds...just right. Fancy that.


Anyone else revisiting this song and enjoying it? Still hating the vocals?


I found myself feeling the exact same way after a couple months and many listens. The vocals don't bother me at all anymore. They seem to fit right into the song for me.

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Its interesting that most of the new songs are grower. There are lots of people who complain about it at the beginning but later they have to say that the songs grew in them. That shows how different the tune of Coldplay is now. It was the same for me with Paradise. Firstly I hated the song, now I just can't resist to push the play button again and again.

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I really like the vocal effects after analyzing the lyrics. The song has a paranoia/conspiracy feel, and the vocals sound as if Chris was singing it trough a phone to warn you about "them" going after you. I think it fits really well. And also, if you look at the tracklist, it's after ETIAW, it's like ruining a happy part of a movie with a sudden script twist.

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I get it how it fits in with the album and somewhat get it, but as a stand alone song I still don't like it all that much.


Charlie Brown

MX/Hurts Like Heaven

Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

Us Against the World


Moving to Mars



Major Minus




Princess of China is still a wildcard. I've only heard a half decent quality version and it seemed unfinished. Odds are those Lalalala parts were Rihanna's parts.

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