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How are you going to listen to Mylo Xyloto?


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Specially this album has to be heard from start to finish.


In any case, I plan to download it as it leaks and then put on my headphones and listening to it, hopefully without anyone bothering me.


I still remember the first time I listened to VIVA, AROBBTH and Parachutes as they came out or were leaked.

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I will do start to finish, mostly because that's how they made the album. I figure that's the order they want you to listen to them. Since it's on sale during a week day I will probably run out on my lunch hour and buy it. Then play it through my computer using earphones. The sound won't be that great, but I won't be able to wait.


Then I'll play it really loudly in my car while I drive home after work. And then I'll put it in my Bose stereo when I get home and tell my husband and kids to be quiet while I listen to it again. LOL

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Listening to the album in the correct order is what I plan to do, but I think curiosity will get the better of me and I'll listen to some unheard songs first. I might listen to UATW first to see if the whole church organ thing is true.

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