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[27-Oct-2011] BBC Radio 1's Student Tour, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK

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For those going, this is what the LCR (venue) looks like:








I've actually never gone to a gig there just because good acts usually sell out so fast and everyone there's usually more interested in getting wasted, but...this was a big reason why I decided that if it was possible, I had to go.


Don't completely understand how 1500 fit in there though.

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It really is tiny, it's not even just the photos that make it look that way. I've been in there millions of times when there aren't gigs or parties happening, and it's just not a very big space. Pretty much anywhere is good, especially if you're in the front of the "raised floor" section at the top of those stairs. I'm going to be aiming to get right at the barrier, of course, but it's really great to be anywhere in there as long as you're not behind a pole.

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Mich and Anna might go very early if there's word that there's a lot of people, but we're all getting to Norwich early Wednesday evening. I'm going to crash immediately to sleep off jetlag and then get up and go to UEA (probably meeting Mich and Anna there, who might go early in case it's a madhouse) at like 10:30 AM to make sure we're all there in time for wristbands at noon. I just really want to have slept, you know :P


I don't know whether people are going to queue straight after getting wristbands, but at least some probably will, so I figure right after that we'll just queue for the doors. I'm not even sure where they'll let us do that: the main LCR doors are right where all the tour buses are going to be and where they're going to be loading in gear, so I assume they're not going to want us all sitting there...I wish I'd done at least one other gig there so I knew how this worked better :lol:


I have absolutely everything crossed for you winning. I still feel terrible about all of this, about you and everyone else that wanted so badly to go.

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So cold, so cooold...


We're in the queue now, it's 05:38. We've already been offered food by a janitor/something or other and gotten a few strange looks by security "You do know it's tonight? You already have tickets?" :P


We have a bit of a surprise for tonight, we'll see if you get to see it somehow :sneaky:


Anyway, I'm so happy to be here with four of my best friends (although it's just Josie, Mich and I atm, waiting for a jetlagged Chelsea and a working Laura) :dazzled:


Can't believe we got tickets :wacky:


We'll try to keep you updated on what's going on (not even sure if we're in the right place to queue, haha) through Mich's twitter since my Blackberry has decided to die.



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