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CONFIRMED Gwyneth is pregnant!!!!


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:stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned:


I'm sorry, I'm not upset (in a tenny-bopper type way) just surprised, it's only been a year!!!




Gwyneth Paltrow And Boyfriend Expecting First Child


Gwyneth Paltrow and boyfriend Chris Martin are expecting their first child next summer, her publicist said Wednesday.




The couple were "pleased" to confirm the pregnancy, publicist Stephen Huvane said in a statement. He declined to say whether there were wedding plans.


The actress has been dating Martin, frontman for the British band Coldplay, for the past year. Both have been reticent about publicly discussing their relationship.


In a recent interview with the British Broadcasting Corp., Paltrow said she hopes to marry but wouldn't reveal whether that aspiration extended to Martin.


Paltrow stars as poet Sylvia Plath in the new film "Sylvia."


Paltrow was born in Los Angles on Sept. 27, 1972. Her father, producer-director Bruce Paltrow, died earlier this year while celebrating Gwyneth's birthday with her in Italy. He had been battling throat cancer.

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:lol: :lol: Yay! Im so happy for them! :blush: OMG! Chris is gonna b a daddy...how cute! :D


...but is this honestly true? :wink3: But if it is, gud on ya Chris ;)


I cant beeeleeeve it! :stunned:


Fanx mimixx 4 sharin. Up to date news frm mimixx all the time ;) lol

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...thats a really gud point politikclocks about the song thingy, i neva thought about that :wink3: But i dont think they'll be all slushy and lovey dovey.


...anyway, i think it wuld be so sweet for him to write a song for his child. It would show his lurve and happiness :blush:

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I was waking up this morning to the radio and then the news came on and that was the last thing I heard about (the baby).

I was really shocked because...everything is going so fast for them!

The first thing I thought though was who is gonna look after the baby.

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I think Gwyneth will give birth and the baby will turn out to be a Chris Evans lookalike. Chris will become paranoid, worried in case the press find out his baby is an ugly ginger lump of flesh, and start a 4 man campaign to smash every photographers car window!!

Him and his cronies, Will, Jonny and Guy will travel the whole wide world, hitting windscreens with rocks some eight times then finally giving up and going on to the next journalist, while Gwyneth slips off into a life of secrecy, joining a race of mole people living underneath Hollywood, where she will bring the hideous baby up as The One..(I Love :P)


...maybe not.

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