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The next single - which song will it be?


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I don't care as long as there's a B-side(s):D




But otherwise, double a-side of Charlie Brown and Princess of China, so radio can rotate them both, neither gets old. It's what they should've done with Viva La Vida and Violet Hill.

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If i was to pick singles id do

1.Etiaw (already released)

2.paradise(already released)

3. Charlie brown for christmas :D

4. Mx/HLH for valentines day

5.Dont let it break your heart


Princess of china sucks after the 5th listen the verses are good but after that the song just is terrible i dont need to listen to "you stole my star" and "you really hurt me" for 2 minutes -___-

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Oddly, I don't think Hurts Like Heaven will be a single, and in a way I hope it isn't. Though I love HLH, and think it's one of the best songs on the album, I can't really see it working on its own as a single. Unless they change the beginning, or have it combined with Mylo Xyloto neither of which I can really see happening :\ Also it would be nice to have it as one of those epic opening songs that's only on the album and never a single (a la Politik and Square One :D)

So I can imagine the singles will be Charlie Brown, Princess of China and either UATW or DLIBYH.

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I don't want it to be Princess of China!! :bigcry:


I just feel that following the first two singles it gives the wrong idea of the album as a whole. I mean, other than those three tracks, the album is not quite as 'poppy' :lol:


Isn't the point of singles to lure in those who haven't got the album and therefore represent the whole album? There are a variety of styles of songs on the album and I just feel those three tracks are all too similar.

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Broken was the worst song on the album :\ But there's a live version with Hypnotic Brass Ensemble which was alright.


I love Broken, although the live version sounds even better. I'll have to check that out. Are you gonna get the singles compilation album? I think its just greedy money-making!

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I doubt it would be DLIBYH. It's not exactly radio friendly, in my opinion.


Neither were Lovers in Japan nor Strawberry Swing....which ironically were the best songs on VLV (in my opinion).


Maybe POC and UIF will be released as a double A-side? I feel like the band has really been pushing UIF live lately, and it's a great song that would make a nice depressing double tracker; plus they're next to each other. These two songs would embody the highs and lows of the album.

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