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[8-Feb-2012] Coldplay @ Club Nokia, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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this show was AMAZING. the fans where so great. i bonded with all the people around me. at the end my friend and i ran to the stage and we where able to get a set list. it was pretty cool having two encores. there were two songs on the set list they didn't play, lost! and politik. all in all tied for the best show i've even been too! i'll upload some pics later : )

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It was an amazing show, I want to see it again. Very intimate and close encounter with Coldplay, first show in GA for me and two encores. Us Against The World and Everything's Not Lost. The crowd was so alive. Loved hearing everyone talking after about how great the show was. What songs they enjoyed. Walking away so happy :awesome: Heard Paradise for the first time and Up In Flaaaammmes and finally grabbed a xyloband. Clocks really stuck out for me and Fix You. : )

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Yeah, okay, it is 4 am and I've been writing an article about this concert, after showing up at the venue at 8 am (now yesterday) and standing around for 13 hours... it was that freaking good! I really can't express - it was just an amazing concert.


The venue - incredible. The band - seriously at their most jubilant - they just exuded joy with every bit and nuance of their performance. It was just stunning.


Since I've been going to so many concerts lately, I've been putting up articles about them on my website, along with photos and videos (though I only shot one video here, since it was being professionally filmed, which I hope will be available at some point so I can watch it and relive it!).


Published a ton of pics - nearly 200 - all from front row center.


Seriously, if you ever have an opportunity to get right to the front at a venue like this, the horrific prospect of standing in line all day staring you in the face... totally worth it. People like to throw around the word Epic a lot. This show was freaking Epic. Incredible.


I do try to take nice pics at concerts, but some of these are really some of the best I've done of Coldplay (because I was so freaking close - not a result of any special skill on my part).


Will throw up a few samples here, but too tired to recode all 200ish of them into the different format this board uses... :LOL:


See my full review and all pics here (video still uploading here at hotel):


iHeartRadio Concert Photojournal: Review of Coldplay Charity Event at Club Nokia in Los Angeles on 2/8/2009


Sample pics:






































Was lucky enough to get Guy's set list:




They skipped LOST! & Politik.


Anyway, I need some sleep. Totally awesome. And met up with soooo many awesome members of Coldplaying. They (you) were everywhere!




P.S. Also tweeted a special surprise message from the venue:



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One last post for the night - my one video just finished uploading (slow hotel wifi...)...


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9A8p0O5JmU]Coldplay at iHeartRadio Benefit Concert at Club Nokia "Everything's Not Lost" - YouTube[/ame]



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The band soundchecked The Beatles 'Get Back'. I assume that is what they will play at the Paul McCartney tribute concert. It sounded good.


I'm at the airport waiting to fly home. Still haven't been to sleep. Hope I can nap on the plane.


Full review coming later.

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Jason-DeBord thank you for taking the time and effort to upload all those photos. They are stunning! Looking at the set list i'm happy to see things mixed up a little bit but Violet Hill isn't on it. Did they not play it? I thought it and GPASUYF straight after were a standard part of Coldplay concerts now! They merge so well.


About to watch the video of Everything's Not Lost :)

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Great photos and stories! Sounds like a wonderful night!

Hey, so question: They'll perform at the Grammy's on Sunday, right?


Does anyone know what they will do after that and before the March 4th gig in NY?


Do you think they'll go back to London?

PLEASE and Thanks for responding!!!

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^^ After grammy, they have Australia gigs on 16-17th February. I think they'll come back to London. Because there'll be Brit Awards on Tuesday, February 21 in London.

Oh, thank you! I didn't know about the AU gigs...so probably by the 19-20th they'll be in London, yeah?

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