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Coldplay Wedding Songs

Technicolour TX

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warning sign :P parachutes would be great but it's too short :\ life is for living also such a romantic song! especially from Glastonbruy 2011 :heart:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNWCryln7xM]Coldplay (HD) - Life Is For Living (Glastonbury 2011) - YouTube[/ame]

life is for living, we all know and i don't wanna live it alone.. :nice:

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Reign of love



Green eyes

Yellow (piano acoustic version, the one from Every Mother counts CD is particularly beautiful :wacky: )


edit: OMG yes definitely Careful where you stand too :dazzled::dazzled:

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I got married ten years ago, but if I was getting married now I would play "Careful Where you Stand" right before I came down the aisle. Then I would play "Yellow" right after we were announced as being married. I did play Yellow but it was at the reception.

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Thanks again everyone.


We're off to Mexico this evening and will get married on the beach :-) We've decided that "Green Eyes" will be our wedding song and several others made the cut for the reception (Strawberry Swing, Lovers in Japan and more). What better way to celebrate a new beginning than with tunes from our favorite band.


We'll miss you guys for the week. Take care!

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