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The new version is fantastic. Super glad they did this, though surprised there was no EP? Part of me misses some of the extra production--especially the cello on the album version. But this stripped version is so much more emotional...

I really hope they release a deluxe version of the album that features these extended speeches...I think Kaleidiscope would feel less weird if you included Charlie Chaplin @ the intro, then Muhammad Ali after Everglow, and more Obama!

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After the second refrain, some extra bass kicks in with the piano and beat to create a really beautiful swell at about 2:15--dunno if that is actually cello, could be a bass effect or synths even, but it is gorgeous and all too short-lived.

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Today is Thanksgiving in the US, and it's bringing back memories of last Thanksgiving when Everglow was played on Apple Radio. I remember sitting in my basement watching the Macy's Parade while hearing this song for the first time!

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