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I'm pretty sure the recently deciphered lyric on Guy's t-shirt ("the sun on the snow") is from this song. Everglow, the title reminds me of the glowing of the Alps.


Coldplay's lyrics about snow/winter are always so good, I could see this as a possibility!


I'm predicting Everglow and Up&Up will be my favorites on AHFoD

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^ You're right in that she probably won't have a very prominent part, but I have sort of a Pavlov's dog response to collaborations--even minor ones. I don't like Lost+, PoC, or ASFoS. It seems like collaborations always entail a very pop-y, Top-40-sounding track.



What's interesting is that all the non-album collaborations that Coldplay have done (Wish I Was Here with Cat Power, Lhuna with Kylie Minogue, Chris's collabs with Faultline, etc.) I really like. To me, that strengthens my belief that on-album collabs are done purely for financial gain. Songs that otherwise wouldn't have made their respective albums are included anyway because they would pair well with a certain artist and therefor draw in a wider fanbase.


. . . I can rant all day about the poor decision-making involved in including PoC and ASFoS on their albums :awesome:


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