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===The Ultimate Oldplayers' Music Thread - Music that Oldplayers will like===

I ran away

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That's what I wanted AHFOD to sound like! Chris take notes, this is how you do a more "pop" sounding record without completely abandoning your original fans! It even has the Indian paint and everything....


When I saw the pic I thought that was Will !


I wonder what a newplayer variation of this thread would look like?


What do you mean ? (I hope you get the allusion...)

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I <3 U2

Here's simply one of the best songs I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. With the added extra of having The Chief on harmonies.

You can see the influence this song had on a young Chris with the "All the colours bleed into one" lyric.

U2 live (and on record) are just incredible, I've never failed to be blown away by them. They're head and shoulders above any band I've seen live (and I've seen a lot) . It's hard to explain until you experience one of their concerts, they just have such a raw energy and spirit on stage and it's totally uplifting.

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