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===The Ultimate Oldplayers' Music Thread - Music that Oldplayers will like===

I ran away

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This thread is a sister-thread to the hugely popular Oldplaying thread (to be found here: www.coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/the-ultimate-oldplaying-thread-s-bs-tbr-p-arobtth-x-y-vlv.104785/). We Oldplayers all know that Coldplay have musically moved far from their original sound and style and most of us just cannot connect as well to their newer music.


So the purpose of this thread is to collect songs and music from the wide world of music out there that you believe may appeal to other Oldplayers ! Does it sound like early Coldplay to your ears ? Or perhaps, does it touch on similar themes ? Might it even have the slight melancholic but at the same time warm and hopeful vibe that was so characteristic to early Coldplay ? In short, do you believe someone who loves Oldplay might like it ?


Then post it here ! If possible, post a YouTube link so that we can listen to it right away.


I will begin with two songs that Oldplayers may like:


Young The Giant - Garands. Complex layering, great vocals and a verse melody resembling the one in Clocks - in short, reminiscent of AROBTTH Era Coldplay.


Family Of The Year - Hero. Beautifully melancholic and folky - slightly reminiscent of Parachutes Era Coldplay.


I hope you will enjoy the thread and we will discover many beautiful songs together !

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Guest kmm1482
Yessss!!!! What a debut that was. Have never heard anything as fresh and energetic. The new Bloc Party is sadly quite the opposite.



A Weekend in the City was decent no where near as good as SA. You're right, they're almost unrecognizable now. (Sounds familiar)

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