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Kaleidoscope EP


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Fascinating to look back now that I don't hate any Coldplay music for daring to have modern pop elements. Also clearer speakers.

I love every song except for SJLT. In retrospect, there are more traditional Coldplay elements here than anything recent. Definitely GS, AHFOD and MotS but even EL which is more acoustic/older stylistically.

All I Can Think About is You- Great drumming by Will. Compelling Chris piano melody. One of my favorite Jonny performances. So much personality, especially the solo. Itreminds me of Atlas, how the instruments build toward the end. Love as our only constant in the universal chaos.

Miracles- Interesting beat plus snaps like Miracles. Jonny killing me with the guitar again, much more funky this time around. A little hokey but I love the message and historical perspective from Chris. Even Big Sean's verse, more forward thinking and genuine than I'd expect from him.

Aliens- The most dynamic soundwise and probably my favorite. This dystopian drone with snares? And a lonely little riff. I disliked that understated acoustic guitar on the chorus originally but love it now. Very universal themes and a favorite Coldplay song of mine from a lyrics perspective. Gorgeous strings as a send off

Hypnotized- Several gorgeous piano melodies from Chris all intertwined. Classic Will drums and a somber guitar playing up the emotions. I think this one is underrated. A little generic on the chorus but my favorite lyric from the whole EP 

"Threading the needle,

fixing my flame.

Oh, now I'm moved to exclaim."


I can't see anything changing my mind about SJLT.

I appreciate this EP so much for the variation of styles from Jonny. Experimental compared to how he usually plays. 



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On 1/19/2022 at 12:42 AM, IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8 said:

Why everyone hating on SJLT? I don’t get it. 

This is just my personal opinion, but I feel a bit disappointed when Coldplay decide to collaborate with some act that is experiencing its peak in popularity. It seems like they're a new group trying to be relevant through someone else.

I deliberately said "it seems", as I believe that those collaborations are the way the band tries to experiment with genres in recent years, rather than a commercial strategy. However, I think that a successful group like Coldplay has the possibility to freely experiment with music without caring much about popularity. They could be the ones that lead the charge, so it saddens me a bit when they prefer to follow current musical trends instead.

9 hours ago, IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8 said:

The Trio: Something Just Like This, My Universe and A Sky Full Of Stars. 

Concerning those three songs, they perfectly represent this exact perception of "Coldplay are trying to follow the radio trends".

Personally, I love "A Sky Full of Stars" and it fits quite well within the flow of GS. The others are not my cup of tea, probably, but "My Universe" is certainly much better and much more complex than SJLT.

This said, the live version in the Kaleidoscope EP is not one of their best releases, to put it mildly... (again, just my opinion!)

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I like the live version of SJLT much more than the studio version. It was in the live (and Coldplay-only) setting of the AHFOD Tour that this song truly came alive imho.

And about the collabs, Everyday Life showed how collabs, when done right, can add a lot of colour and value to an album. The collabs on Everyday Life felt organic and unintrusive, featured true musicianship and were not simply about adding a flashy name to a song to make it interesting to a wider target population.

On MOTS, for a while I thought this was gonna be an album doing collabs right again, e.g. with the collabs on Human Heart, Coloratura and Infinity sign being of the "Everyday Life" type; even My Universe felt organic to me and BTS added something valuable to that song...and then they put Selena Gomez on Let Somebody Go and there it is again: the unnecessary, *big chart name* collab that adds nothing.

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