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"Something Just Like This" - The Chainsmokers & Coldplay


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Guest diogo_sg

I quite like it! I knew Chris would never agree to feature in songs like Closer or Paris, whose lyrics are certainly not politically correct; with that being said, I do enjoy the lyrics of this song, they were actually thoughtful for a CS song. The sound was beautiful throughout the whole song, except for the chorus — it could use lots of extra work IMO; I would add some more layers of either electronic or organic sounds and remove those heavy sounds. Chris's voice was really great, as expected. Overall, it's a cool mixture between the "Coldplay sound" — specialy the piano — and the Chainsmokers sound — the crazy EDM sounds.

Possibly Jonny playing guitar at the end???!!!

I think it is!! It sounds like it, but I'm not fully sure.

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yeah the lyrics are different obviously, I was talking about the beat. It feels like they have quite an exact formula for a song and just use it every time. It would've been okay without that heavy beat


Ah. well thats Chainsmokers for you.


Anyway, it seems like this song is going to be on a Chainsmokers album called "Memories... Do Not Open"



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