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[2017-7-6] Coldplay To Perform At The Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg, Germany

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Setlist :


1 Paradise

2 Viva la Vida

3 Adventure of A Lifetime

4 Fix You

5 Something Just Like This

6 Yellow (Chris and Shakira)

7 Chantaje (Shakira and Chris)

8 Me Enamore (Shakira and Chris)

9 A Sky Full of Stars (w/. Shakira)

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I'm catching up right now on the youtube stream. Shakira on Yellow works really well, but it sounds like there's something wrong with her audio. It almost sounds like it's dampened somehow

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Chris sang in spanish and in german? :joy: Can any spanish speakers or german speakers tell us if he did okay and if you could understand what he was singing? :)

His Spanish was so good! I could understand everything he said, I was impressed ;)I love it even when I don't like the lyrics :yum

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