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Despite being here for quite some time, I still dont know much about the members here. So can you all just do me a favour, just write down which country u are from, etc etc, basically intro urself. Thanks. I gladly appreciate it.


For me, I am from s'pore. Thats in South East Asia if u havent heard of it. I am 17 this year and I have no life. And I am a boring and dull person. Guess thats enough.







:) :lol: :angry: :cool: ;) :o :rolleyes: :embarrased: :huh: :D :cry: :P :wink3: :confused: :sneaky: :idea2: :stunned: :smug: :( :/

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I am from Chile, South America..... well like everyone knows me here, I can almost bet that. ah! and my name is Carla, though I'll stick with Sternly! :lol:


AND , I LOVE CAPS! :lol: (Maybe that wasn't necessary)

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y depressed??


Okay, well...

I'm Theresa, I'm 14, I'm from a fucking little village in Germany, I'm tired, I love Coldplay and I'm often too lame to understand anything.


what Theresa said, but I'm Jessy and 22 years old ;)

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^ hello :) I didn't know that :P


I'm Hayley.. I'm 19 and I'm from Northern Ireland.

At the moment I'm studying for my first year exams at university in Manchester (England)


:cool: nice to meet you BostonRob



that's a fookin nice avatar!


I'm Charlie, from London, at Uni at the mo. I like stuff. and the manics

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Hello Rob, I'm fiona (names in my sig if you forget and fifi is my nickname so no thinking needed :dizzy2: ) I am from Dublin, Ireland. Music is the meaning of life :lol: :lol: ...yes and if I come accross as a little strange at anytime blame the skittles ok?! :lol: :sneaky:

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