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Gravity as a B-Side to Talk?


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In this article it says the one b-side will be a live recording of Gravity for the Talk single.I like gravity and all but if this were true i would want it to be a studio version.Plus i thought i read somewhere in here that there would be 2 brand new songs that they recorded while on this tour.Anyways all rumors for now!



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to a lot of people, Gravity is pretty much a brand new song. Not to me though.. er...


yeah that's weird. I already have a live version of Gravity and not the studio version. Is it really worth it to buy the Talk single when it has the remix of Talk (which I think I have also) and a song I already have? ESPECIALLY Talk?

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i am dissapointed' date=' it was given to embrace they shouldnt take it back. I would have prefered Ladder to the sun[/quote']


same here. it seems like there too scared to release songs like ladder to the sun, sweet marianne,idiot or even moses as b-sides. cmon coldplay, those songs rock soooo hard, just release em!


but gravity is still better than nothing :D

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