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violet hill live - tv total - german tv - 4th june


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Should be a great week to watch TV haha! :D I wonder if the guys will perform with their new clothes as it's bloody hot in Germany since a few days. Or perhaps Stefan has a good air conditioning in his studio lol... Hopefully this time all four will have a natter with Stefan. :)

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can someone make a list with all tv-shows with coldplay in next time? would be great if there will be a thread for this...


check the sticky thread.. with all the important coldplay appearances

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Is that the show with the moving stage/seating area thing?


Yes it is! ;) Last time Stefan was talking about "bird disease" or lets better say "bird flu" haha. We all know what "bird disease" means, don't we? :D


Perhaps they will talk about the results of the Eurovision (England and Germany = last place). Did you know that Stefan Raab once performed on the Eurovision Songcontest for Germany back in 2000? :D




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Are you sure? On 4th they will be at Jimmy Kimmel...


Well, Jimmy Kimmel kind of screwed us last time they were going to perform (when they just showed old footage of coldplay performing from 2003). I expect this one will be legit, so I don't know what's going down.

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