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Confirmed Australian Tour: Feb/March 2009

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But we knew that already :thinking:


We didn't know officially officially until there was this sticker. Its basically an official announcement from Coldplay :P.


The Escapist - the sticker on Prospekt's March says "COLDPLAY AUSTRALIAN TOUR FEB/MARCH 2009"

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Its already been confirmed we are just counting down the hours til' details are released :nice:.


Oh, I know! Just stating the obvious -- nothing better than Coldplay in Australia... :D Hopefully, details will arrive soon. (Unlikely; is today too much of an ask?)


Looking forward to it no matter what.

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Oh right :laugh4: I thought it was a bit weird you not realising. You were just reiterating.


I shall do the same. COLDPLAY IN AUSTRALIA!!! *faints* WOOOHOOOO! :D :D


It'll probably be tomorrow when the EP was due out, coz thats when people were "technically" supposed to be seeing the stickers.

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ooh it is so nice that they tour australia!

i wanted to buy a round the world ticket (to make work and travel or something like that)

but the plans were too difficult to realize that i finally stay here..

otherwise i would be in australia at that time!!! and i was going crazy because there were

some roumors a few weeks ago that they will tour australia..

now i m just happy for you!

but i really wanted to see them again. maybe next year somewhere in europe again!? :)

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