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19-Sep-2009: Wembley Stadium, London - Tickets, Previews, Meetups, Reviews/Photos


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Nobody bumped this thread today?? :thinking:


Well, I do now!! :)



I can't believe it's 3 months already... it was about 40°C warmer that day and I had an awesome time with so many of you! :hug:


It's so nice actually that today's a Saturday as well and there has been another concert and another photo liveblog :heart:

I wish you all a nice weekend and a lovely Holiday season!! :kiss:

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@johkujii : Well, I post it right now ;) I hope you're going like it :P


@SueDeNimes : Thanks a lot for your welcome ;) I hope you'll like my review too :)


Ok... So I post my review here :) I just give you the gig's while... I've writen a journey diary about all my trip in London but it's just the concert here ;) I didn't know if you wanted to read about the all day... I begin at 4:00PM when the doors opened....



Enjoy ! ;)


September 19, 2009, 1:14AM

One of the best gig ever




4:00 comes soon : Marsu and me leave Louise and Bambi. We go to the access for disable people ; We gonna come in the stadium by this way, it will be easier for me. Door's opening is announced and everybody is cheering and being happy. It's time to go !


I think we can call following minutes "marathon through Wembley Stadium". Stadium-staff are saying "Not running ! Not running !" or "Slow down please !".... We don't run. We walk quickly (rolling eyes). Our goal is the B-Stage, Marsu and me arrive alive there. We couldn't be nearest of the stage ! We're the first behind the barriers.... Hehe that's really really great ! We're joined by Louise and Bambi and a new waiting begins.... Marsu takes her french flag and puts it on the barrier. France is in the place !


There are three first parts before Coldplay. The first are the White Lies. They take the stage at five o'clock and they are pretty nice. I've never listened to them before and maybe I gonna buy their album when I go back home. Then, is the Girls Aloud. Hm.... I must confess I don't really like them. Then, Jay-Z takes the stage and it's pretty weird. Usually, Rap isn't my favorite music. But when Jay-Z begins his show, the crowd becomes loud : they're this noisy and excited.


It's 7:45 PM now and Jay-Z is gone. Coldplay are announced at 9:00 and I let you imagine our excitement. We look forward to see them ! It's the last gig of the Viva La Vida Tour and we guess it could be really wonderful. While we're still waiting for Coldplay we see Gwyneth Paltrow and Apple (Chris and Gwyneth's daughter) and Miler. Others french people are near to us and we sometimes shout some words ... It's fun !


8:35.... It's a disaster, a real disaster. We're unlucky, damned... I don't know what is the best formule. Thirty minutes before the show.... It's raining ! And it's not a little rain. It's a real english rain and we're totally wet and frozen !


9:00. It keeps raining but it's not the most important now. Crowd becomes totally crazy and I know what it means : they gonna take the stage ! We can hear the 'Blue Danube's tune and we know it's going to begin. First song is 'Life in technicolor' and the band comes in the stage with crowd's cheers.


It's not my first Coldplay's gig. Now, I know well this feeling, this delicious happyness when I get shivers down my spine. Each time I think "it will be the same thing than before, it will be great". But it's never the same. Each show is different and Wembley prooves me it again. "Violet Hill" follows LIT. There's some rain, some light, a lot of people are singing. I also sing... I know every lyrics of the setlist.... I'm between Marsu and Louise, I can feel her jumping up and down, like I do. Finally, the rain is welcome, it gets something special.


'Clocks' is still awesome, 'In my place' is simply powerful. It's one of my favorite live song. Will Champion's drum kicks in though and the crowd repeats the refrain...Chris is top shape and is jumping everywhere. Probably they're happy to back home. That's a beautiful while between the band and the crowd, a real correlation.


'Glass of water'.... Amasing live performance. 'Yellow' comes then and during the song one of big yellow baloons bounces over my head. At the end of the song, Chris ask us to sing again "Look at the stars, look how they shine for you...". Behind the band, on huge screens, one of XFactor's jurors appears. Chris asks to him how our performance was and he says it was pretty bad. All the audience boos him and we sing again and again with Chris playing guitare. He finally says that we are wonderful. Marsu will learn me later it's a thing that they only do in UK.


'Cemeteries of London'.... It's the second time I hear this song on the Stadium Tour and I feel it differently than before. From the begining, there is a somewhat worrying surge from all the stadium, accentued by the whisper of the crowd. Maybe it comes from lyrics, maybe from the instrumental part or from the rain. It's a bit scary, it's like you would be fascinated by something's dark. Usually, I prefer the album version of 'Cemeteries...' but this time, it's different.


Next are '42' and 'Fix you'. That's difficult to me to tell you what I felt at this moment. Those two songs have a first part low and a second stronger, more powerful. About 42, I really like the instrumental part with guitare, drum, bass and Chris' voice. At the end, he keeps going to sing for few seconds. He already did that in Arras (last July 2th) and I must confess it's still amasing.


'Fix you'.... I can't imagine good words to describe it. Each gig has it "fix yout's time" if I can call it like that. This song means a lot for me, it's emotional, it really touchs my heart (at first time I heard it in live, a long time ago, tears formed behind my eyes). It's as the time stoped and as we were inside a bubble, only the band and us. First part is sweet and low, lyrics are beautiful and Chris sings as if we were his confidents. Afterwards, it's a real explosive and I think about the fireworks in the clip. It pulls at my heart and I can hardly sing, I'm just moved. I can't exactly tell you if it was the same at Wembley. Each time, as well as I was in a dream and I've never made the difference between Paris, Arras, London.... It sounds like nonsense....


'Strawberry Swing' is lighter, more chearful. I'm back in reality and sing 'it's such, it's such a perfect daaaaay'. I like strawberry's lyrics, it's a love song... 'No the sky could be blue, I don't mind without you it's a waste of time...' that's pretty lovely and cute.


Now, the B-Stage. Imagine : we're totaly excited by the show and previous songs and the band comes on the b-stage.... Remember, when we came in the stadium this afternoon, our goal is the b-stage and we were just behind the barrier. We're still here and Coldplay are near, 2-3m in front of us. They begin to playing 'God put a smile upon your face' and 'Talk' (both techno versions) and around us the crowd become louder and louder. We're jumping up and down and we can't do nothing else that look at them... So near.


Now, a bit of sweetness in this mad world, a sweetness named 'The hardest part' and 'Postcard from far away'. I've waited for theese songs because are one of my favorite moment on the gig. Just Chris and his piano for an acoustic version of 'The Hardest Part'. His voice is lower than the album version and it's awesome. I listened to it so many times in Leftright Leftright Left... Tonight, Chris forgets the lyrics but he keeps going and we forgive him. It's incredible to believe they're so near to us.... I look at Chris and I think everybody does the same. A new great while, a bit like 'Fix you' but in a different way.


Inevitably, 'Viva la vida' is utterly crazy. It is a anthemic and the crowd's roar when the Viva tune begins is pretty scary. I'm in the middle of theese roaring people and everybody sings, bounces and cheers. The oh oh oh' carry on througout the track and we can't stop. It's always the same, every gigs, every crowds in every countries sing this 'ohoho' and the echos of the stadium is powerful... When you hear 90 000 people singing around you, you just can think 'Oh my God!'.


Jay-Z joins the band for Lost + and I discover a new way to listening to it. I remember the Jay-Z's previous performence and crowd is loud again. There is a real exchange between Chris and him. Before Jay-Z comes on the stage, Chris came in the b-stage and he holds out some glowstick that Louise and me tried to taking. We got one !


The acoustic section follows Lost and the band suddenly appears on a little platform in the middle of the crowd. At first, everybody turns back to them but we decide to look at the huge screens. They begin with 'Death will never conquer' sung by Will. I also like this song when we hear Will's voice, fun and nice. Now, I'm waiting for 'Green Eyes' which usually comes after 'DWNQ'. But not tonight. Chris starts playing another song and I recognize 'Trouble. The first Coldplay's song I've discovered. It take me by surprise and hearing it in a stadium is pretty great. Then, Chris asks to us to take our mobil and our glowsticks. We spend following minute doing Mexican waving and Chris starts 'Billy Jean' which is really funny. The band plays with us and it seems they are relaxed and they enjoy it. Everybody's singing, the band and the crowd, as we were equal.


V'Viva la vida remix interlude' can be heard and the band come back on the main stage for the encores and to play another song which kicks in tonight though : 'Politik'. I can even see spots' light ! 'Lovers in Japan' gives us another great show byt the butterflies. I always loved them when they're floating up on the air. It's really raining some butterflies and they're fluttering downwards over our head. Of course, we know that the show's going end and we take it all those things a last time. 'Death and all his friends' follows LIJ and Chris starts to singing it alone, without piano, without nothing else. And when the first notes are played on piano, I get shiver. The end comes soon and I unfailingly feel strange. After DAAHF' the band leaves the stage and everybody calls them again for another encore. We wait for them few minutes and they come back for a last time. Chris sits on the piano and starts 'The Scientist'.... It's like 'Fix you' for me except that I know it's the penultimate song. It's a new beautiful while between us and them and everybody's singing. 'Life in technicolor II' for a last time, a last dream, a last song.... they thank us and it's the end, they leave the stage and we can hear 'The Eskapist'. It sounds the end of Wembley Stadium's gig. Writing it seems like a tragedy, doesn't it ?


The stadium is going to be empty pretty quickly. People get out and we take the opportunity to pik-up some butterflies on the ground and put them in a plastique bag. Then, we also leave the Wembley and take a last look. Outside, we join our coldplayers friends and we search the place where we gonna take our LRLRL. Yes, we already had them for the gig at the Parc des Princes but we want our english disc ! We talk together about the gig, the band, the crowd.... We take some pictures. We spend a last moment all together but time to go comes and we have to go if you don't wanna miss the last train. Everybody is happy but I don't think we realize everything is ended now. It seems like we are in a cloud in the sky (a Coldplayistic cloud) and we 'no more keeping our feet on the ground"....




Going back to the hostel is like a dream. We don't really talk because we're utterly exhausted. Our day was pretty hard and full of great events. The underground take so much time to arrive at Padington and we're back to the hotel one more hour later.


I don't realize yet. I'm still at Wembley Stadium, with the band, with the others and we live the gig again and again. I know it's time to sleep. I guess I'll dream about a english band tonight...


I wanna stay on my coldplayistic cloud....


So ? ;):P I hope that was not to long....

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@ scusi's : Thank you ;) and Bonne année aussi :D


@ johkujii : Thanks a lot for your compliments :blush: I'm glad you enjoyed my review ;) And when I posted it yesterday I listened to the LRLR too :lol: When I remember the gigs have seen.... I always listen it :P

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These days I've been watching a lot of videos from the two concerts I've been to and I decided to post some of them! This one is for in my place! It's not edited in the end cause I thought that view of the security, the scattered butterfles and the banner depicts the thrill of that day in a better way :nice:



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