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VLV Latin American Tour rumors here!!


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This album was inspired by Latin America & WILL BE PERFORMED IN LATIN AMERICA! :smug:


But if Coldplay didn't tour Latin America.....

























I'lleatmyhat! :disappointed:

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and again! a little coldplay mention about a november tourdate... I'd make an screen capture but I can't now...


the funny thing is that it's just a small mention in the middle of an article about the jonas brothers' gig in chile :lol:

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their tickets are sold out here too :o

and they also want to add another gig!


I just saw the coldplay thing because in the thumnails there was a tiny pic of chris :heart:



even the jonas brothers are coming and nothing happens with coldplay :angry:

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Aparently they sold out in 6 hours :dozey: But it's odd, 'cause they're not playing in Mexico city, just Monterrey.... meh, they could be playing in my town and i couldn't care less.... :shifty:


Awww... Chrissy :nice: ..... Chrissy's gonna get a kick in the butt for not coming to Latin America!!! :angry:

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if you meet them in the US please tell them to go to mexico and another latin american countries :bomb:


tell Jonny that Lore is waiting for him :cheesy:

I'm actually considering making a sign for the show, something about them coming to Latin America :D


Will do.... Jonny's gonna feel the love and want to get his pretty ass over here in a second :wacko: :escaping:

I just changed the title of the thread so it's not just about chile :P

Jejejeje, yeah i noticed :P

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Christa, it's just a rumor.. that's why is not posted anywhere




Heck, even I'll make a sign saying "Go to Latin America!"


I hope I can go to the West Palm Beach concert in May, and do that :smug:


:kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

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this basically says that they will be here on nov. 15 but they have aproblem with the venuw, hopefully the date it's true. It's the same newspaper that announced the latin american tour 2007



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