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I just won seats ON THE STAGE for a Coldplay show in a week!!!!!

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How on earth can there be seats on the stage?? Won't they get in the band's way??:stunned:


LOL, I believe they are at the back of the stage in a corner. There have been a few competitions where the winner has watched the concert on the stage and I think that's how it was done.


Congrats BTW, it is a really great t-shirt design! So, I'm guessing since you will be on the stage that you get to meet all of them too? That would be rather odd if you don't , ha :P

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Thanks for all the kind words about me design guys :) I have no idea how they will be giving us "Seats on the stage" but I think it will be off to the side of the stage. Crazy. I have no idea about if I will get to officially meet them or anything - not sure if I should bring stuff to sign or what - the radio station said they would be contacting me next week with more details.


Still can't believe it.

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