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Gwyneth To Sing With Coldplay


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Gwyneth To Sing With Coldplay




Most Coldplay fans were disturbed when Gwyneth Paltrow was allowed to travel alongside the band in their tour bus. But if reports in the press are to be believed, she's gone one step further.


Chris' Hollywood fiancé has allegedly convinced him to let her sing backing vocals on their next album.


Some unkind observers think it could be the end of the group. One said: "Look what happened to Yoko Ono and the Beatles."


The rest of Coldplay - Guy Berryman, Will Champion and Jonny Buckland - are apparently unconcerned at the moment, but according to The Sun, don't like mention of the words "Yoko Ono".

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well here's an article from our FAVE paper -The Sun :stunned:






I HAVE some chilling news for COLDPLAY fans – GWYNETH PALTROW is to sing on the band’s third album.


Oh dear, the name YOKO ONO springs to mind.


The Oscar-winning actress has convinced fiancé CHRIS MARTIN to let her record backing vocals and is even taking singing lessons.


Gwyneth enjoys singing and has actually impressed critics in the past with her voice, performing with HUEY LEWIS in the movie Duets three years ago.


She plans to sing on at least two tracks for Coldplay’s next album.


One pal said: “Gwyneth can’t wait. She loves singing, it is almost as much of a love as acting is.


“We all tell her she has a great voice but she still wants to take singing lessons so she’s just perfect. She’s not trying to barge in on the band but it may well add an extra dimension to Coldplay’s music.”


But privately the rest of the band — bassist GUY BERRYMAN, drummer WILL CHAMPION and guitarist JONNY BUCKLAND — are concerned about Gwyneth’s growing influence.


The situation smacks of JOHN LENNON’s relationship with Yoko, who is blamed for driving the wedge that eventually split THE BEATLES.


Yoko started dating John in 1966 and had a huge influence on his behaviour.


Fans believe she had already convinced him to turn his back on the Fab Four before they split in 1970.


PAUL McCARTNEY still hates her to this day.


A source close to the band told me: “There is no major problem at the moment but it’s obvious there are tensions bubbling away underneath.


“All three of them, particularly Guy, are miffed that Chris has become this megastar while they still remain the sort of blokes you’d walk past in the street.


“Chris has always been very egalitarian about the band but it gets on their nerves when people refer to Coldplay as ‘Chris Martin and Co’.


“They don’t mind Gwyneth as a person but are worried she is consuming Chris’s head a bit much.


“Just don’t mention Yoko Ono to them.”




I'm sorry but if this is true, its utter bullshit! Coldplay is made up of FOUR members, and nothing against Gwyneth, but I hope to god she doesn't sing on their new album :rolleyes:

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:lol: this article sounds like pure bull :rolleyes: Ha! but im luvin that picture :lol:


...but if this is tru, i aint too sure about Gwyneth singing backin vocals? I mean Coldplay is a four memba band...and besides only Will sings most backin vocals! :cry: :o :cool:

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i heard about this when i woke up this morning and i woz soooo angry.Coldplay are 4 PEOPLE and we don`t need a new yoko ono.....shes getting way 2 involved with the band and she needs 2 back off while they work on there next album.......but if shes on it im no longer a coldplay fan and i will not buy the next album

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I have to admit that I imagined something like that a few days ago...

Well, she sang in 'Duets' film and she doesn't do it bad... And if his boyfriend is in a band... just make conections!!

I have no problem if she sings backing vocals and if this is not a problem for the rest of the band.

I think the most important is that they are comfortable about that. :smug:

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