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Coldplay Join Jay-Z For New Year's Gig 2010 (CONFIRMED!)


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Sorry but I don' t want to fight with you here, especially in this thread.


Me neither, but you miss understood me...In the other topic i was just kidding with the Chris's lovers, he's not THAT ugly j/k again :laugh3: no reason to be mad at me. And i love Coldplay, OF COURSE, and i think Chris Martin is a big part of it, doesn't he? He's a genius imo ;)

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Guest howyousawtheworld
I wish "Uncle Jay" would go away. No disrespect intended, I just don't want Jay-Z involved musically with Coldplay.


Yeah - it just doesn't mix. I mean Coldplay have done enough with Jay Z to last a lifetime already. Perhaps it's time for them to try someone new because, and I've got to be honest, it's getting really boring and repetitive now.

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Jay-Z and Coldplay plan to share the stage in Las Vegas as New Year's Eve headliners at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas casino-resort.


Cosmopolitan officials said Monday that the music superstars would also play solo sets with the performances broadcast on the hotel's 65-foot marquee overlooking the Las Vegas Strip.


The Cosmopolitan says the concert is part of a three-day invitation-only celebration roughly two weeks after the resort opens. The $3.9 billion resort owned by Deutsche Bank is scheduled to open Dec. 15.


Cosmopolitan officials say the New Year's Eve weekend will also include a surprise performance on the resort's pool deck, which overlooks Las Vegas Boulevard.




I guess it's not so much of a private show anymore then. Honestly they should just sell tickets to the public. SO many people (including myself) would want to go to this. Which I am, by the way. Even though I'll only get to see CP on some screen. I need my fix!

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