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The "Relate Everything Back To Coldplay Game"

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I love you so much right now! :laugh3:


Not my joke, though :disappointed:


Amphisbaena is an old Greek word.

Greek is a language.

As is Portugese.

Portugese is spoken in Latin America.

As is Spanish.

Spanish is spoken in Spain.

Spain is going through a financial crisis.

As is Greece.

In Greece you speak Greek (wait fuck)

Greek is often studied at universities.

Coldplay met at a university.


New word: Soviet Union

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Dinosaurs are Ross Geller's specialty...

... aaaand Ross used to play keyboards in high school... and didn't have sex in high school...

and Chris Martin didn't have sex in high school either, and plays the piano... ... ... COLDPLAY! :D



just saying, friends ftw! #2 show ever after lost of course....


shamisen is a japanese instrument

coldplay wrote a song called lovers in JAPAN using INSTRUMENTS


Word: dharma

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Pickles are in hamburgers.

Hamburgers are also a name for people from Hamburg.

Keane have a song called 'Hamburg Song'.

The pianist/main songwriter of Keane was invited to be part of Coldplay at one point... but then Coldplay changed their mind.


Word: Fidelity.

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Crying -


When one is crying, tears stream down one's face.

Chris Martin wrote a song called "Fix You" with lyrics saying "Tears stream down your face."

Chris Martin is the lead singer of Coldplay.


Next word: Dart

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In one of the versions of stories about the Coldplay song - Yellow (I think in Storytellers), Chris said Jonny was playing darts, when he wrote the song...



new word:


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