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What do you think the (possible) acronym MTM means? (SOLVED! 22nd June 2011)


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Here's a small excerpt from Roadie's newest blog post:


Despite now having two buildings, both Bakery and Beehive were positively bursting at the seams by Christmas. Every room had some kind of writing or recording setup on the go - you even had to time your use of the kettle carefully, as a laptop and speakers had been set up in the kitchen and Jonny was in there working on his epic lead for MTM. So, by comparison, the first few weeks of the year felt like a ghost town.


MTM? I think it has to be an acronym for something...



What do you think MTM stands for?



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While I don't really have a thought/guess on the matter. I do think that MTM is the album title. I remember Chris saying in an article that the album title "would start with 'M' probably two words." But sometimes people don't count words such as 'the' 'to' 'or' 'of' 'and.' So I believe the 't' is 'to' or 'the.'

Reading this topic so far I've come to like Mining the/on the Moon as a title even though it could potentially Viva Era.

I also would place my bet on Moment to Moment as the album name as Chris said 'probably two words,' possibly meaning the title could be Moment to Moment OR Moments.

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Method to Madness...? I dunno, that sounds like a cool name.


Or maybe the song is actually entitled MTM, and Coldplay'll just never reveal what it stands for. That'd be pretty cool.


Isn't it the guitar? :thinking:


There is a guitar called MTM (http://www.ibanez.com/ElectricGuitars/Series-mtm), but I doubt that's it... it's a heavy metal guitar :laugh3:


Unless, of course, Coldplay are going really experimental... or just mental :D

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