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Major Minus: LISTENING PARTY! Countdown to Thursday 23rd June, 9pm (BST)


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Same here. Why kill such a beautiful voice?


I don't think there's been that much added to it, other than a kind of muffler thing. I think why it sounds so different is because Will is singing at the same time. Besides, they have SO MANY SONGS that feature Chris' voice. They clearly just wanted to do something a bit out there and crazy.

Chris is always saying that he doesn't want to attention to be all about him, so I think it's great this song focuses on Jonny and Guy. Just sayin' :confused:

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Whether we're hearing Will or not, the track seems really overproduced. I liked the live version quite a bit, so this is a shame, unlike ETIAW which would have been doomed even without overproduction.


Wayyy overproduced.


I, too, like the live version.


I heard the vocals on this one and was like... seriously guys?

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Guest howyousawtheworld
I like the instrumental of the live version better, but the vocals on the studio are surprisingly...cool. :shocked2:


I love it.


I really like the vocals as well. Icy and sharp (just like the whole song) just as I like it but produced much better than some of his other vocal performances.



Takes Chris Martin's vocals into a different direction.




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is it just me, but is Coldplay beginning to sound remarkably similar to Radiohead around the 'OK Computer' period?


Just you.



These boys can be stupid sometimes.

The song was too good so they put a terrible effect on Chris' voice to kill it, pfff.


I'm angry at you, Coldplay.


I'm really disappointed that they did that, it sounds like ETIAW.


This new production is really killing the music.

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