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So I think it's not the title, but a good joke :laugh3:

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as exciting and fun as all the album/tracklisting speculation has been these past few months it just feels like (to me at least) that its run its course and its just time to get some actual facts...



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wowwwwww. more coincidences!

I went to this artist's site (again, his name is Mylo, and the website is Xylo.me) and look what I found.




Now don't tell me it doesn't remind you of two things: the new Coldplay font used in ETIAW and paint on walls from the ETIAW video.


There's definitely something here!


Disclaimer: maybe not)))


Even if it is just a coincidence - thank you for finding some really interesting stuff.

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Could it be that they hired this guy to design the fonts and the cover?

Coldplay are known to draw inspiration from everywhere and anywhere)


The font certainly gives way to believe that. But, there are a lot of similar fonts as used on ETIAW's cover.

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"Xylobrytes" was absolutely NOT made up by some guy (me) lying in order to get attention!!! I gave solid proof concerning from where the word came. I'll even post the link and the approximate second in the video at which point you can see the word! Here!



"M" appears very large at 2:09 - 2:10, and "Xylobrytes" appears in a much smaller font at 2:11- 2:13. I am NOT lying! Give me a freaking break. . .


He wasn't talking about you, he thought that Coldplayer1317 came up with it, but it was only the "Mutagenic" thing that he came up with.

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Look behind Chris, people always thought that it said MX behind him but the X was cut off, but I always did think it had to say "MY" because it didnt look like an X to me, but now I notice the top of a letter behind him as well (possibly an L) and the O to the right.

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"Xylo - CCTV swastika, Brick Lane


CCTV cameras arranged in the form of a swastika by Mylo found in a street off Brick Lane. When out into context with Mylo's other work this makes sense but prior to that I'd been asked on more than one occasion if this was far right graffiti.

All photographs copyright artofthestate 2008"



OMFG, Xylo, Mylo, eye watching you, graffiti, that shit is DEFENITELY related to the title AND to the album!!

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this is probably more likely a MYLO then a "MX".


the "arm" of the Y is just over, it couldn't continue as a leg, i see.


Man this looks so official edition. And you joined this month, maybe today! Are you Coldplay's related? HAHAHAHA Tell the truth, we discovered a lot of things tonight!

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I just cant figure out what Guy's leg is covering because it is written in the same style and colors.

Also, maybe I'm just crazy but does anybody else see a poorly drawn, faded, black swastika at the very left of the picture, at the same height as Will's head?

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