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Chris should make a solo album?


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Chris would be lost without the others...especially Jonny! But it would make an interesting listen.


Hey, Blue Glisten, if you need some backing vocals when you and Chris make your duet album...;)

He'll can Singing for real

"Now I'm really losing

Doesn't mean I'm not lost

Doesn't mean I'll not stop

And I'm in a cross "



No problem :cool: :lol:

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I just thought it might be interesting after i saw the wedding bells i just feel he would be really well doing a solo album or just pondering the idea.


I'm sure it would be really great, but I don't know if he'd want to. At least if he did make one, those of us who love his piano playing would get to hear lots of it! :)

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His piano skills are marvellous, but...




I'm afraid he will make too much poppy shit without the others. And think about the lyrics, thanks to Guy and Will only the best lyrics can eventually make a Coldplay song.

But I'm sure he would get away with it on his own.


And I don't think Wedding Bells is good, tbh :stunned:

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I don't think a Chris solo would be that great. Coldplay works well as a band, but I'm not sure its members, on their own are "strong" enough (technically) to go solo. Well they could go solo of course, but I'm not sure the quality would be there. I could be wrong, we could have some surprises, but I really can't imagine them outside of a band (Coldplay or any other). They're good at working as a unit, not on their own.


So I say NO.

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Judging by his performance of Wedding Bells, yes.


But the band will ALWAYS come first. And I have a feeling it'd get compared to Thom Yorke's solo stuff in an unreasonable way.


explain why you think it is a solo work of Chris,

while a song of Coldplay written for Coldplay?

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